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High Blood Pressure


Do you have high blood pressure?  Known as the "silent killer", many people have a condition known as hypertension or "high blood pressure".  This is a condition which has many causes and sometimes no known cause.  It can be diagnosed if you have some one use a blood pressure machine to measure your blood pressure and most often it is accidently found out.


Once diagnosed, then the cause should be searched for attempts to eliminate it.  Most times there is no known cause.  Lifestyle change might be needed initially. This will include both dietary and activity changes. Some people do benefit from these changes. Weight control is often a good start. Medication has been the mainstay of treatment over the years and there are many from which to chose.  Often more than one medication will be needed.  Your doctor will set a goal for your blood pressure which is usually based on other conditions that might be affecting you. To acheive this goal might often mean employing more than one modalities of treatment.


There are not many indications that a person is having an elevated blood pressure.  One of the most common indication of high blood pressure is a headache, but there are others.  Usually, having symptoms require urgent or immediate action to prevent further more permanent damages like a stroke or a heart attack.  There are other long term problems associated with high blood pressure.   The kidneys are some of those organs that can be damaged over a long period of time.


The goal of modern medicine is to reduce or eliminate the long term effect of high blood pressure.  This will be achieved by early diagnosis and early and consistent adherence to medication.  Unfortunately, once initiated on medication it is rare to revert to no medication. There are some cases where the need for medication might disappear such as in cases of significant weight loss or significant stress relief.  By and large medication are usually permanent.


Most individuals with high blood pressure also might have high cholesterol and often  smoke. These are conditions that should also be addressed in order to optimize treatment outcome. So smoking cessation programs and nutritional consults are in order.